The Pocket Reflector: A Go-Anywhere Light Bounce

Hey light reflector, get in my pocket. Let's bounce!


Pocket Reflector


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    What if we told you you could double your available light, knock harsh shadows outta your phoneographs and boost highlights without lugging around tonso complicated spendy equipment?

    It's all possible with the Pocket Reflector, a small-as-your-phone pocket-sized version of those big ol' reflectors the pros use at their fancy pants photo shoots.

    Phones don't have the most sophisticated exposure controls, so you're gonna need this guy to add sparkle to your instagrams by boosting the highlights. Take top-rate product photos for your ebay listings by knocking out detail-robbing shadows.

    Hold it opposite your main light source to bounce light back onto your subject. The white side reflects soft natural light. The silver side bounces back bright concentrated light. No batteries, harsh flashes or fancy pants required.

    The Pocket Reflector folds right up into a little pouch. It makes a perfect addition to your phoneography arsenal. Bring it outdoors to fight backlight from an uncooperative sun, or inside to balance out lopsided light from a window or lamp.

    What if we told you we know a guy in New York with 7 pet camels? Then, we'd be lying to you, and we'd never do that.

    • Reflect light right where you need it
    • The silver side reflects bright concentrated light, for a spotlight effect
    • The white side bounces softer natural-looking light
    • Pocket Reflector is 12" in diameter and folds to fit into a 5" carrying case
    • The simplest way to light your photos while out and about
    • See FAQ for more info!
    • Looking to go big? Grab the Ultimate Reflector Kit
  • FAQ

    Hold up. Why do I need a reflector?

    A reflector is the easiest, most basic way to add light to a photo. You can bounce light you already have available onto just the right part of your photo to make it look its very best. The sun isn't always where you'd like it, but your reflector can be!

    So when should I use a reflector?

    The most common uses for reflectors are shooting portraits and product photography, but you can use it in any situation where you're looking for more even lighting. Since flashes and direct sunlight can be way harsh, a reflector is a good way to add softer light.

    OooOooh! Cool. So how do I use it?

    For the brightest light get that reflector as close to your subject as you can without having the reflector in your shot. Back the reflector away for softer light that covers a larger area. Move it around till it looks just right. One of the best things about the light coming off a reflector is that its constant, so you can set it up carefully before snapping that pic.

    Wait. Where do I hold it exactly?

    While we whole-heartedly recommend the guess and check method (hold it anywhere, takes some shots, move it around till it looks great), a good place to start is directly opposite your main (a.k.a. brightest) light source. If the sun is behind your subject, hold the reflector in front. Got a window to the left? Hold the Pocket Reflector on the right.

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