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Turn your phone into a spot-on light meter and master manual mode




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    You wouldn’t set your shower temperature to “I don’t care, whatever” so why are you running your fancy camera on “eh, Auto, I guess”?

    Luxi is here to turn your phone into an incident light meter and make manual mode easy! It's time to take control of your DSLRs settings and take profesh photos.

    Slip Luxi onto your phone or tablet and hold your new light meter in front of your subject. It’ll tell you what settings to use for the perfect exposure: not too bright, not too dark.

    Your camera on auto means well, but it just takes in the whole scene, averages out the brightness and shoots for that. This does not work well in tricky high-contrast situations.

    Hold your phone in front of a backlit friend's face or your cat basking in a streak of sunlight and Luxi measures the light falling on that exact spot.

    Instead of forking out the cash for and lugging around a single purpose light meter, throw Luxi onto your phone or tablet and use her free iOS app.

    Use your camera settings with as much precision as that perfectly hot but not too hot shower you take every morning (or every other morning, we won't judge).

    Works Great With...
    • Luxi transforms your phone into an incident light meter
    • Switch to Manual Mode and let Luxi help you choose the perfect setting
    • The perfect companion to any camera
    • No batteries needed
    • Way teenier and less spendy than an old skool light meter
    • Works with any phone or tablet with a front facing camera
  • FAQ

    What's an incident light meter?

    That's what Luxi is! An incident light meter measures the light that is falling onto your subject (that's why you hold Luxi in front of your subject pointing toward your camera).

    The opposite of that is a reflected light meter. Those guys look at your subject and try to judge the lighting situation by gauging the light that's being bounced toward the meter.

    What's the difference between Luxi and the light meter that's already built into my camera?

    Luxi is an incident light meter (see above) and your camera's is not. It's not measuring the light that's falling on your subject. It looks out onto the whole scene and takes an average of all the light coming at it.

    What's the difference between Luxi and using a light meter app without attaching that li'l gizmo?

    Light metering apps can only capture light from limited angles. The little Luxi dome gathers 180° of light to capture every ray that's falling onto your subject and give you perfect readings.

    My camera has a spot meter. Do I need Luxi?

    Be honest, do you use your camera's spot meter? You do! Cool. You don’t need Luxi! ... or ... You don't! Neither do we. We've found there are too many settings panels to fidget with to get to that spot meter and Luxi is so easy to use. We prefer the ease of using our phone to meter and our camera to do it's camera thang (snappin' pix).

    Can I use Luxi with this pretty case on my phone/tablet?

    As long as the total thickness of your phone/tablet plus the case is 1/2 inch or less. Yes, yes you can.

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