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The Gorillapod, King Size

Infinitely Flexible Primate Intelligence


Gorillapod King Size


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  • description

    The humble tripod is dead. We dare say it again: dead.

    Trust us: unless lugging around 5-10 pounds of bulky photo gear is your idea of a good time, this is a decidedly good thing.

    The GorillaPod, King Size has been a fave since it was first released. Bend its tentacle-like arms it'll stand on uneven surfaces, wrap around poles, tree branches, or railings, and grab onto nearly any object in sight. Try that with your tripod!

    SLR owners can share in the elegant, imminently practical beauty, too! With strength befitting the largest of the primates, the GorillaPod can support a camera with a zoom lens and flash, up to a whopping 6.6 pounds.

    It weighs only half a pound itself! Super-strong moldable arms keep your SLR securely positioned, even when hanging from tree branches or on park benches.

    Your SLR is big enough as it is. Ditch your creaky old tripod and travel light (and flexible) with a King Size GorillaPod.

    • Can be used as a traditional standing tripod, or holding onto objects using sturdy moldable arms
    • Flexible arms make it easy to orient your camera in any direction
    • Includes Standard tripod mounts, 1/4"-20 thread; does not include phone adapter
    • Need a phone adapter? Try out the Glif! It attaches to your phone and will attach to the Gorillapod .
    • Waterproof and impact-resistant
    • Lightweight, compact and easy to carry
    • Rubberized arms and feet provide additional gripping power
    • Takes great vacation photos, steady night shots, and amazing time lapses!
  • Specs
    • Holds up to 6.6lbs (3kg!). Enough for an SLR & zoom lens & flash.
    • Weights 8.5oz
    • Standard Tripod Mount, does not include phone attachment

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