The Cord Taco

Keep your cables tangle-free, and tasty too


The Cord Taco
5 Pack


  • Description

    Are you sick of reaching into your pocket only to find your fingers trapped in a terrible tangle of headphones and charging cables?

    Well say good bye to pocket spaghetti and hello Cord Taco! The Cord Taco is a little leather shell with a snappy metal closure that’s ready to hold your cables and cords in a totally tangle-free fashion.

    Just wrap your cord around your fingers and place your freshly baked bundle into its snug new home. When you go to pull out those headphones in a hurry, they’re at your service, with no knot detangling to slow you down.

    Grab a variety pack in five delicious flavors - blueberry, blackberry, brownberry, goldberry and French greyberry. Or, go with a classic - brownie brown.

    Oh, and please pass the salsa. We’re suddenly quite peckish.

    • Store your cables and cords in style
    • Real leather
    • Real metal snap too
    • No more knots to slow you down
    • 3.5" diameter
    • Not eatable

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