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The Color Blast Kit

Create Colorful Clouds with the Squeeze of a Bottle


The Color Blast Kit


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  • Description

    Wanna take photos that really show a fun time? Smiles could do the trick, but talk about been there, done that.

    Capture the literal blast you are having (er, um, making) with the Color Blast Kit!

    Three squishy squeezey bottles of bright pink, blue and yellow powder, add a burst of color to any scene.

    Simply smoosh for a colorful cloud.

    Blow it toward your backdrop to add a ghostly fog. Pile color blast powder on your arms, then wave ‘em like crazy to capture a photo of the movement you’re making.

    Or, blast it and snap it - photos of the powder solo are pretty too. I see a dog, or is that a garden gnome?

    This magical stuff washes off with soap, so when your fun is done you can BLAST OFF!

    • Make your photos more colorful than ever
    • Create a cloud with a single squeeze
    • Kit includes blue, pink and yellow bottles
    • Each bottle contains 100+ squeezes
    • Probably actually magic
  • Tips & Safety
    • Squeeze. Click. Repeat.
    • For max blast power, use in a non-windy scenario.
    • You’re gonna want to grab a buddy or shutter remote to help capture the blasty goodness.
    • Not enough blast power? Cut a teeny bit off the color blasting end of your squeeze bottle.
    • Use flash to brighten up your blast.
    • Color Blast Powder washes away with soap. But maybe keep it off your fanciest duds.
    • Do not throw color blast powder toward open eyes.
    • Do not color blast indoors, your mom will get soooo mad at you.
    • If you get color blast on your tongue you’ll be a-okay, but try not to cuz eww.

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